Beautiful Winter Shrubs and Plants

Get a head start on next season’s landscaping ideas for your Westchester home with inspiration from our list of beautiful winter shrubs and plants.  Astounding in their unique ability to flourish and maintain beauty throughout the cold months, these winter shrubs and plants are a gorgeous addition to your home.



Add a touch of cheer to your winter landscape with the Winterberry, also known as the deciduous holly.  Bright pops of red berries and glossy green foliage are eye catching and classic.



Create a statement with a wall of Firethorn!  These bright orange-red berries last through winter for a bold, beautiful addition to any garden; during the fall and winter months, the leaves may turn a green brown.  Get creative and think outside the box; Firethorn can be shaped into a lovely hedge or espaliered against a wall or on a trellis.



Add a touch of springtime fragrance to your winter landscape with the Edgeworthia, also known as paperbush.  This multi-branched shrub drops its leaves in the middle of December, revealing a bare silhouette of bark and yellow and white flower clusters.  This might be one of our favorite winter shrubs yet.

Witch Hazel


If you’re looking to add another beautiful deciduous shrub to your Westchester landscape, consider planting Witch Hazel.  From late fall to early spring Witch Hazel produces beautiful, threadlike petals; during winter this plant also emits a pleasant fragrance.

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