Summer Services

Raise your property value by maintaining a well-manicured landscape!  We offer a variety of services to keep your trees, plants and shrubs looking their best.  Here are 4 summer services to keep your home looking it’s best for summer, with help from our team of professional arborists.

Landscaping in Westchester County

Landscaping Westchester Tree Life

We offer landscaping services to all of Westchester County!

Keep your curb appeal looking crisp and welcoming with landscaping services from Westchester Tree Life!  We have all the equipment and training to ensure that your lawn looks its best.  Scheduled landscaping services are available for those who prefer to keep to an organized schedule.

Land Clearing

Landclearing Westchester Tree Life

If you’re looking to expand your yard, or would like a particular area cleaned up, Westchester Tree Life offers land clearing services to Westchester County, NY!  Let us clear the trees and brush you want removed, for a newly spacious area.

Insect Spraying

Insect Spraying Westchester

Skip the tick-scares and mosquito bites this summer with environmentally-friendly insect spraying services from Westchester Tree Life!  Now is the perfect time to schedule your environmentally-friendly insect spraying, so you can enjoy a summer full of fun!


Wood Chipping

Wood Chipping Westchester Tree Life

Westchester Tree Life offers wood chipping services, ideal for mulching your garden!

Pair your land clearing service with a wood chipping service!  Wood chips are an eco-friendly way to add to your garden beds or backyard pathway.  This is a great DIY solution for mulch.


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