Creative Herb Gardens

Planting fresh herbs is a great way to stock up on your favorite flavors and fragrances right in your own yard.  Here are some of our favorite creative herb gardens to inspire you to try your hand at herb gardening.

DIY Herb Garden Westchester Tree Life

Upcycle your cans and create a fun “hanging” garden!

Research Before You Plant

Before you begin purchasing seeds, make a list of the herbs you would like to grow.  After, go through your list and make sure you have the proper space to plant your seedlings.  This is a great guide explaining when it’s best to plant herbs and vegetables!

Herb Garden Growing Guide

Plant Markers

Plant markers are a great way to stay reminded of which seeds are where.  There are so many creative ways to mark your herb garden; we love both of these ideas.

Herb Garden Markers Westchester Tree Life

Herb Markers

Traditional Garden

Herb Garden Westchester Tree Life

This well-manicured herb garden is aesthetically pleasing!; the grass-like hedge is actually rosemary!

Lavender Hedge Westchester Tree Life

A lavender hedge adds a pop of color and beautiful fragrant blooms.

Easy Pickin’

Patterned Herb Garden Westchester Tree Life

This tile-checkered herb garden makes picking herbs a snap!  If you have an awkward corner space in your yard, put it to good use and create a tiny herb area.

Container Gardening

Benched Herb Container Gardens Westchester Tree Life

Wooden crates and a bench are all that holds this rustic patio herb garden up!  This is a great idea for Westchester homes which have a large patio area, or a small backyard.

Container Herb Garden Westchester Tree Life

If you are starting your herb garden inside, stacked planters are a great way to keep all of your herbs neatly organized and easily mobile.  Chalkboard herb markers are a genius touch to keep all of your herbs labeled.

Kitchen Counter Container Herb Garden

Potted herbs, fruits and veggies are neatly organized and within arm’s reach on this kitchen countertop.  This is a fun way to mix up your kitchen space.

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