Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are smelly pests that can be a serious nuisance to your Westchester County residence this spring.  Though stink bugs do not pose any significant threat to humans, the sheer quantity of them can be frustrating to deal with.  Here are a few things to know about these creepy crawlers.

Stink Bug Westchester County

A Bug by Any Other Name . . .

Stink Bug Growth Cycle

The stink bug is a member of the Pentatomidae family, which is native to China, Japan and Taiwan.  While the scientific name for the stink bug is the Halyomorpha Halys,  it is commonly referred to as the brown marmorated stink bug.

Stink Bug Prevention

Stink Bugs House Westchester County

Prevent the invasion of stink bugs around your Westchester County residence with a few easy tips and tricks!  Firstly, we advise that you seal any cracks or crevices to keep stink bugs from entering your home.  Be sure to check the perimeter of your house, around window frames and along doorways.  While you are inspecting your home, check to make sure there are screens on all of your windows and doors.

Stink Bug Westchester Tree Life

Keeping your yard neat and tidy reduces the risk of attracting and housing stink bugs.  Make sure to clear the perimeter around your home of detritus.  Do you need help taking care of your unruly Westchester County residence?  Request a consultation for landscaping in New York’s Westchester County here.

Westchester Tree Life’s Insect Spraying Services

While stink bugs are not harmful to humans, they can be annoying.  Westchester Tree Life can take care of your stink bug problem!  Call Westchester Tree Life at (914) 238-0069 to schedule an insect spraying treatment in Westchester County!  Request a consultation for insect spraying in Westchester County by Westchester Tree Life here.

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