Maintaining a Healthy, Blooming Garden

Gardening is a personal experience which can ease stress and tension, increase your connection to nature and even add property value!  Maintaining a healthy, blooming garden can be tricky, depending on the area of Westchester county you live in.

Westchester Tree Life

Achieve a lush and healthy garden in Westchester county with the help of Westchester Tree Life!  We believe in devising custom plant health care plans to assist you in cultivating the perfect garden; keeping a plant health care journal in your gardening toolkit is a great way to keep track of your garden’s success!

Westchester County Garden

The Plant Health Care Plan

Garden Westchester County

2016 can be the year your Westchester garden adds value to your property!  Take the first step by calling Westchester Tree Life at (914) 238-0069 to schedule a consultation for a Plant Health Care Plan.

Westchester Tree Life

Our team of professional arborists are equipped to assess and curate a personalized plan to maintain and improve the health of your plants, shrubs and trees!

Gardening Tools

Plant Health Care Management Plan

Keep track of your garden’s plant health and growth with a journal!  Tracking your garden’s behavior will help you become more attuned to the needs of your plants, shrubs, and trees.  To keep your Gardening Journal neat, include:

  • Time and Date
  • Weather Conditions
  • Plant Health Characteristics
  • What you would like to improve

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