Westchester County Garden Inspiration

With winter 2016 coming to a close, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about your garden!  Westchester County’s best tree care professionals, Westchester Tree Life have some great suggestions to create the perfect backyard utopia.  Share your favorite Westchester county garden inspiration with us on Twitter; tweet at “@WestchesterTree”.

Westchester Tree Life Better Homes and Gardens

This beautiful green garden is our spring inspiration!  

Garden Zone:  Land Clearing


If you don’t have an established gardening area, Westchester Tree Life can help!  We offer land clearing services in Westchester county and the surrounding area.  Receive a free estimate with our easy-to-complete online form here.

Herbal Essence

Labeled Herb Garden

Label your herbs for easy identification!
Via theorganicgardeningsecrets.com

If you’ve never grown herbs from seedlings, you are in for a satisfying experience!  Herbs such as basil, mint, thyme, cilantro and parsley are great to begin with, and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Secret Garden Entrance

BHG Conifers Westchester Tree Life

via BHG

We love Better Homes & Gardens’ idea to use conifers to create an eye-catching entryway to your garden!  Ask our tree care professionals which would be the best trees to plant according to your soil and landscape!

Flowered Pathways

Westchester Tree Life Better Live Green

via Better Live Green

Creating this beautiful garden path is easy!  Leave space between natural-cut stone and sprinkle Mazus Reptans flower seeds between each stone.

Engage Your Senses

Mrs Mag Westchester Tree Life

via Mrs Mag

Fragrant flowers and shrubs bring a relaxing ambiance to your gardening experience.  From lilac bushes to orange marigolds, there are so many refreshing options!  Ask about our Plant Health Care Management plans to ensure your Westchester county garden is properly cared for!

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