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To some, planting and maintaining a garden is second nature; for others it may take a little practice to perfect your green thumb!  Westchester Tree Life is here to encourage you to exercise your gardening skills in Westchester county this spring with these foolproof plants.  Both beautiful and easy to care for, the following plants make great additions to your Westchester county property.  Need help creating a Plant Health Care Plan?  Contact Westchester Tree Life here or call (914) 238-0069.

Lamb’s Ear

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Easily identifiable by it’s soft texture, Lamb’s Ear is ideal for dry climates and thrives in partial-to-full sun.  Lamb’s Ear, or Stachys byzantina, is a perennial herb which spreads as it grows.  This is one of our favorite foolproof plants!

Russian Sage

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Draw bees and butterflies to your Westchester garden with Russian Sage!  This fragrant and beautiful plant produces pretty purple flowers which bloom from late spring through October.  Russian Sage requires lots of sunshine and can reach five feet!


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Add a pop of color to your garden with Coneflowers!  These bright and cheery flowers tolerate sun and dry soil, though they require light watering during summer months yielding less than one inch of rain per week.


John Creech Stonecrop

John Creech Stonecrop as groundcover between the stones of a garden path; via

Stonecrop is the perfect plant to feature as groundcover in your garden!  Selecting a beautiful groundcover will make your garden feel and appear fuller and more appealing.  Stonecrop is available in various shapes, colors and sizes and thrive in soil that can drain well.

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Tip:  Have a question about the condition of your soil?  Unsure which plants will thrive best in your Westchester county garden?  Request a consultation with our online form here.

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