Right Plant, Right Place

As professional arborists, we know that the initial placement of a plant can make or break its success of optimal plant health.  Keeping the saying “right plant, right place” in mind when mapping out your yard for the upcoming year is vital.  Here are a few things to help you determine if your selected area is the right place for your selected plant.

Growth & Size

Tree Planting Westchester Tree Life

Prior to planting, you should look into the growth rate of your tree or shrub.  What is the average height this tree reaches?  Will this tree or shrub spread wider than your selected area?  Ensuring that you are giving your new plant the space it needs to grow will make it easier to maintain and help to ensure a long lifespan.

Root Space

After measuring your space to ensure your new plant has enough growing room, it’s important to make sure your tree, plant or shrub has enough root space.  As your plant grows, it’s roots will need adequate space for growth, nutrient absorption and structural support.  If you are considering planting a tree in the front of your house, measure the distance to the driveway and the sidewalk.  Will your tree have enough room to stretch its roots?


Adequate sunlight is a key factor in determining if this is the right plant and the right place.  Knowing whether your selected tree needs full sun exposure to thrive or prefers shade is a very important factor.  Note the sunlight exposure at different points of the day; is this the best place for your plant?

Need help with your tree care?  Westchester Tree Life services all of Westchester County!  Let our team of professional arborists assist you in mapping out your new plant’s best area; we can even assist you with a plant health care plan to ensure a happy and healthy plant.

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