Identifying an Ash Tree

Ash trees are deciduous (a broadleaved tree that sheds its leaves annually) trees which thrive in both cool and warm climates.  Up to 65 species of ash trees can be found in Europe, Asia, and North America.


Ash Tree Westchester Tree Life NY

It’s easy to identify an Ash Tree (Fraxinus species)!

The size of an ash tree varies, depending on its species.  The smallest species of the ash tree is the Velvet Ash, which reaches 30 feet, while the tallest is the White Ash, which can reach up to 120 feet!

 Bark Distinction

Young Ash Tree Bark Westchester Tree Life NY

The bark of a young Ash Tree

Mature Ash Tree Bark Westchester Tree Life

The bark of a mature Ash Tree.

The bark of a young ash tree is smooth, and has a greyish hue to it.  The bark takes on a furrowed, diamond-like bark pattern as it ages.

Root Systems

Ash Tree Root System

Ash trees are known for having strong root systems which reach a wide range.  It is strongly recommended that ash trees be planted a minimum of 60 feet apart to allow enough distance for each tree’s root system to thrive.

Leaf Patterns

Ash Tree Leaf

The ash tree produces compound leaves, which are 8 to 15 inches long and consist of 13 oval leaflets with toothed spaces.  The leaves of an ash tree are green during the spring, and change during the autumn.  The spectrum of autumn colors includes yellow, orange, red and purple.

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