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Professional Tree Care in New York

Looking for professional tree care in New York?  Kick spring and summer off the right way with help from our team of professional arborists in Westchester County, Westchester Tree Life!  There are so many great ways we can help you care for and cultivate beautiful plants, trees and shrubs; fill out our online consultation form here.

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Westchester Tree Life:  The Professional Tree CompanyTree Care in New York Westchester Tree Life

We understand that searching for a professional tree company in New York can be difficult!  Since 1985, Westchester Tree Life has built a business on client trust and outstanding results.

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Speak with a tree specialist today; call Westchester Tree Life at (914) 238-0069.

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Plant Health Care Programs

Need a tree surgeon?  Westchester County’s Westchester Tree Life includes a team of passionate arborists who are here to thoroughly evaluate your tree care needs and offer a Plant Health Care Management Program to keep you on the right track!

Tree Care in New York Westchester Tree Life

Maintaining Your Trees

From tree trimming to tree cabling, we can help maintain the beauty and health of your trees.  Westchester Tree Life is professionally trained to safely remove dangerous tree limbs or trees, and offers stump grinding services as well.  Let us help raise your property value in Westchester County!  View our full service menu here.

My “Farm to Table” Table

Original Article Featured in Inside Chappaqua

Article Written By:  Dana Y. Wu


In 2014, when my family and I moved to Kipp Street, two black walnut trees swayed precariously over the driveway and power lines of our farmhouse colonial built in the 1900s. Their roots were exposed in the shallow, allopathic soil and black walnuts the size of tennis balls rained down on us.

Reluctantly, we got the tree removal permit and called Bill Davies of Westchester Tree Life. He told us that the wood was valuable and offered to take the huge trunks to White Oak Farm in Yorktown for milling.


Jason Ballard (My Minds Design, Grafton, Vermont), a talented woodworker, had made built-ins and an antique barn beam mantle for our former house on Birch Lane. We asked if he could create an eight-foot dining table for the new house and he was thrilled to work with wood from our homegrown trees.

Bri Hart at White Oak Farm selected the best pieces for the table top for milling into nine foot planks. The wood was sawn to Jason’s specified dimensions and kiln dried for two months. When it was ready, Bri declared this was some of the best walnut he had ever seen. Serendipitously, another of Bri’s custom timber cuts was ready to head north and we happily piggybacked onto that delivery to get our 900 linear feet of walnut to Grafton.


Maggie Nielsen was helping us furnish our home, on land that was part of the extensive Kipp family holdings from the mid-1700s. She designed a casual dining room for daily homework, reading and meals by our busy family of six. It took several discussions and wood samples by mail to get the table’s vintage character, the stain and the finish figured out with Jason. Maggie had suggestions about the table’s base to match the tone we had set with the dining room’s new paint, windows and rug from Caravan Connection in Bedford Hills.

After hours of Jason’s expert craftsmanship, the finished table took up almost his entire workshop during the weeks to took to dry all 25 coats of his signature polish. He delivered it in January 2016, and we were so excited to see how its proportions, color and warm feel were all in perfect harmony with the 100 year old house.

The table had finally come home.


Our “farm to table” table soon will be joined with a beautifully handcrafted mirror, a sideboard and chairs, all made from this wood harvested from our property. They will become true family heirlooms. The organic, creative collaboration between Bill, Bri, Maggie and Jason brought the walnut trees that were growing outside into the heart of our home.

Dana Y. Wu, a Chappaqua mom of four, is an author, visual storyteller and local volunteer. Her not-for-profit management career includes experience at the New York Public Library. A life-long New Yorker, she graduated from Stuyvesant High School and Columbia University. She pursues her writing with the vibrant, creative community at the Jacob Burns Media Arts Center.

Read the original article here.  

Tree Care in Westchester County

A Guide to Tree Care in Westchester County

When you buy your first home, you may be so focused on the house itself that you don’t give much thought to the trees on your property.  Even if you quickly find a landscaper to cut the grass, mulch beds, and keep hedges looking tidy, odds are you won’t think about your trees until one of them has a problem.  Westchester Tree Life has all of the skills and services needed to care for every tree on your property.

Many of the services offered by Westchester Tree Life are probably obvious to most homeowners.  Yes, we prune trees and remove trees that are dead or pose a falling danger.  We grind stumps once a tree has been removed and can advise you on how to deal with tree pests and disease.  However, we can also help with issues such as tick control and prevention of damage from your local deer.  We are experts at cabling trees — installing steel cables to support the tree, reduce strain, and help prevent damage during storms.

cabling treesBeyond dealing with major tree issues, Westchester Tree Life offers a variety of services to keep your property looking its best.  You can count on us for species selection advice, planting, landscaping, organic fertilization, insect spraying, land clearing, wood chipping, managing the health of all of your plants in addition to trees.  Westchester Tree Life provides tree care in Chappaqua, New York, tree care in Rye, New York, tree care in Armonk, New York and tree care in the rest of Westchester County!

deer preventionWhether you have a large tree in need of pruning or a set of bushes being devoured by deer, Westchester Tree Life can help!  Give us a call to request a consultation to learn more about what we can do to keep all of the plants on your property in excellent health and condition.


Tree Removal

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove a tree from your property.  The tree may be damaged or diseased to the point where it can’t be treated and won’t recover.  A tree in this condition poses a risk to your property and can even be dangerous.  The last thing you want is for someone to be hurt by a falling tree.

Removing a tree can be a dangerous undertaking.  You should always turn to a professional when the tree in question is damaged by insects or disease, is near power lines, or is more than 20 feet tall.

Tree RemovalAdditionally, some communities have tree removal legislation in place.  This legislation is designed to protect healthy heritage trees or maintain the number of trees in an urban area.  For example, when a tree is removed, some areas require that another tree be planted to make up for the loss.  Navigating these regulations can be tricky, but a professional arborist will be familiar with area policies and can advise you best on how to proceed.

Westchester Tree Life 2Once you schedule the removal of a tree, a professional crew will typically remove large limbs first, feeding them through a chipper to create mulch.  Next, the trunk of the tree is cut into sections which are hauled away.  The stump is typically left as close to the ground as possible and can be ground for complete removal.

Tree StumpAt Westchester Tree Life, we take great care to plan for the safety of our crew and your property.  Our expert tree removal specialists carefully assess each situation in order to remove a tree with minimal impact on the surrounding vegetation and without risk to nearby structures and power lines.  If you have a tree on your property that you suspect is in need of removal, give us a call!