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Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is a great way to add to your healthy lifestyle.  Growing your own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs is easy with help from Westchester Tree Life!  We offer organic fertilization to keep your garden happy and healthy.

Organic Fertilizer Westchester Tree Life

About Organic Fertilization 

Non-organic fertilizers contain chemicals such as ammonia or is extracted from minerals.  Introducing manmade chemicals into your soil not only effects your plants, it effects your soil! Organic fertilizers contain only the most natural of ingredients so you can feel at ease about what you’re introducing to your garden.  For organic fertilization in Bedford, White Plains or other areas in Westchester County, New York, call Westchester Tree Life at (914) 238-0069!

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Organic Fertilization Westchester Tree Life

We offer organic fertilization in Westchester County!

Starting your own vegetable garden is a great way to monitor what goes into the veggies you’re eating!  Organic vegetable gardening takes patience, maintenance and care, but the end-result is very gratifying.  Before you start your organic vegetable garden, it’s important that you understand what kind of soil you have and how much sun your garden can provide.  Read Better Homes and Gardens’ Tips for Growing an Organic Vegetable Garden for more tips and tricks here.


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Connecting Children with Nature

Screen time has changed how children learn, advance, develop their attention span and connect with nature.  In a world where we are more prone to let Netflix or “educational programming” babysit our children, connecting children with nature is increasingly important. Here are some great ways to get your kids to lay off the screen time, and explore the trees and nature of Westchester County.

Kids Playing Westchester County Trees

Set the Example

Let’s be honest, children learn by example.  Set a positive example for your child by making a point to unplug and stop screen time, and opt for an outdoor activity.  When you have free time, try to spend it outside.  My mother would set aside time each day to weed, water and otherwise tend to her garden; this routine became so normal that I began to appreciate the beauty in the serenity of the process and eventually joined her.

Fun Outdoor Activities

When weaning a child off of screen time, realize that you have to make the new activity just as interesting and exciting.

Westchester County Tree Planting

Planning a day trip to a local tree nursery is a great way to show your child the visual growth of a tree (without a time lapse, of course)!  This hands-on experience will invite your child to connect personally with nature.  If you are so inclined (and have tested the soil, mapped out a proper zone to plant your tree, and have researched the tree’s needs) purchase a tree to plant together!

Westchester County Tree Care

The Magic of a Blooming Garden

Butterfly Garden Westchester Tree Life

Never underestimate the magic of a blooming garden.  As adults we are aware that flowers come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, but to children, this can be amazing.  Visiting a local butterfly garden is a great way to introduce your child to the beauty of nature as well.  The variety of bright, eye-catching plants and excitement of fluttering butterflies is sure to keep your child asking questions about nature.  Take the day trip a step further by shopping for a tree or shrub which will attract butterflies in your area!

View information regarding the American Museum of Natural History’s Butterfly Conservatory (located in New York) here.

Trees Are Cool

You are the coolest person your child knows (Batman does not count).  Set the example by sharing how cool trees are!  If you are going to use screen time, make it educational; watch a Netflix documentary on the rainforest with your child during the next movie night or check out live images of California’s breathtaking redwood forest on Google Earth without leaving your living room.

Westchester Tree Life Family Tree Care

Simply placing a leaf underneath a microscope and letting your child observe will feed their curiosity and imagination.  Once you set the groundwork for a positive relationship with nature, your child will likely nurture that their entire life.

5 Beautiful Trees to Plant This Spring

Spring 2016 may come to Westchester County early this year!  Have you started to think about which trees you would like to plant?  Check out these 5 beautiful trees to plant this spring:

Dogwood Trees

Dogwood Tree Westchester Tree Life

Four seasons series of dogwood tree

Add year-round beauty to your Westchester home with dogwood trees!  These understory trees produce red, pink and white blossoms, offer bold red and purple foliage during fall time and grow red berries during the winter.

Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce Tree Care Westchester County

Full and green all year round, the Norway Spruce is a beautiful addition to your Westchester home!  You may recognize the Norway Spruce as being your Christmas tree!  The Norway Spruce’s dense branching pattern and tolerance of soil variations make it a popular choice.

Blue Spruce Westchester Tree Life

The Blue Spruce is also a beautiful alternative to the Norway Spruce!

English Walnut Tree

English Walnut Tree Westchester Tree Life

Have you considered adding a nut tree to your Westchester property?  The English Walnut Tree is a classic selection which, once fully grown, will offer shade and (hopefully) delicious walnuts!

Crabapple Trees

Crabapple Westchester Tree Life

Add a pop of color to your yard with a Crabapple tree (or two, or three)!  These trees yield beautiful blossoms come springtime and crabapples during fall and winter.  Bright and beautiful, your tree’s crabapples will provide much appreciated sustenance for passing and hungry birds!

Black Locust Trees

Black Locust Westchester Tree Life

Both statuesque and whimsical, Black Locust trees are beautiful and offer golden leaves come fall time!  The beautiful compound leaves of a Black Locust tree will be interesting for you and your loved ones to admire.

What kind of trees are you considering planting this year?  Let Westchester Tree Life’s plant health care professionals assist you with planting your new tree.  We can assist in choosing the best place for you to plant your tree, assist you in testing the soil and more!

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American Yellowwood Tree

The American Yellowwood Tree (Cladrastis kentuckea) is a very pretty tree that’s rather uncommon in the Northeast.  Although the Yellowwood is hardy to Zone 4, it is more likely found from the Southeast with a range that extends as far west as Oklahoma and south to Alabama.

American Yellowwood Tree

American Yellowwood Tree

This uncommon tree get its name from the yellow color of its heartwood.  The bark of the Yellowwood tree is an attractive, smooth light grey.  Early in summer, the tree produces fragrant, white, pea-like flowers.  This tree also produces  fruit in the form of pods, each containing a few seeds.  The foliage ranges from bright green in summer to a show mix of yellow, orange, and gold in the fall.  The Yellowwood is a medium sized tree, growing to 33 to 49 feet tall.

Yellowwood Summer Foliage

Yellowwood Summer Foliage

Yellowwood Flowers

Yellowwood Flowers

Yellowwood Tree Fall Foliage

Yellowwood Tree Fall Foliage

When adding a Yellowwood tree to your yard, choose a spot in full sun with well drained soil.  This tree needs to be pruned every summer, so keep that chore in mind when deciding if this species is good for your yard.  You may need to protect the tree from sun scald and wind during the harsh winter months.

Another positive aspect of the Yellowwood tree is its health.  This particular tree is free from major diseases and pests.  If you are looking for a beautiful ornamental tree that will thrive in a suburban, or even urban, environment, the American Yellowwood Tree might be right for you!

Yellowwood Tree in Bloom

Yellowwood Tree in Bloom