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How to Attract Butterflies to your Yard

With the return of warm weather we are starting to see a familiar and welcoming sight. Little splashes of color that flutter by and add vibrancy to our landscapes. Indeed, the butterflies have returned. Every time we see one of these beautiful specimens we can’t help but smile and feel content for the few moments we share with their presence. So how do we attract more and more butterflies to our yards? Let’s take a look at some key elements.

Naturally, if you were to sit and wait for them you would eventually see one or two. However, if you know what they are looking for and provide the proper trees, flowers, and shrubs for them, you will have your own butterfly sanctuary to enjoy!  For starters, it’s best to start with a variety of flowering/fruit trees and shrubs to attract butterflies to your garden. It is recommended that you choose a mixture of both rapid bloomers and varieties that have a longer bloom time. With the addition of these types of plants you will start to see American ladies, silvery blues, zebra swallowtails, Compton tortoiseshells, and northern pearly eyes . . .just to name a few.

The eastern red-bud tends to bloom in early spring and is one of the earliest bloomers. This leads to the attraction of such specimens as the silvery blue, zebra swallowtails and dreamy duskywings. This would be a great addition to any landscape to help kick off the welcoming of the butterflies. Plus you are helping the environment because its nectar and pollen attract butterflies necessary for healthy orchards and vegetable gardens.

It is very important to know what these beautiful creatures are looking for in order to create an inspiring butterfly sanctuary in your yard. The majestic flutter-bys instill a joy and peacefulness to our everyday. It is a very simple process and takes minimal work to give these beauties what they are looking for . . .and well worth the effort!


Late Summer Shrubs

Summer is almost over, but some beautiful shrubs still have yet to bloom!  Keep an eye out for these late summer shrubs around Westchester county and add your favorites to your garden in Westchester!  Here are our favorite late summer shrubs to admire and integrate into your landscape.

Candy Oh! Rose Bush

Candy Oh Rose Bush Westchester Tree

This colorful rose bush blooms from May until October (depending on temperatures).  While the Candy Oh! Rose Bush begins blooming at the end of May, it continues to bloom throughout the summer, adding a continuous pop of color to your yard.

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush Westchester Tree Life

Welcome butterflies into your yard with the Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush!  The Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush thrives in environments with well-drained soil in full sun with medium moisture.

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon Westchester Tree Life

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon Westchester Tree

The Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon can reach up to 12 feet tall, producing large, soft pink flowers 3-inches in diameter.  Requiring regular watering and feeding to encourage growth, the Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon requires minimal pruning and is partial to full sunlight and moist, rich soil.  The Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon is also not very susceptible to pests.

Bluebeard Shrubs

Bluebeard Shrubs Westchester Tree Life

Bluebeard Shrubs Westchester Tree Life 2

The rare blue late-season flowers of the Bluebeard shrub grow into a compact, flattering shape.  Wispy bunches of flowers develop along the stems from midsummer to early autumn.

4 Fragrant Flowers to Add to Your Garden

Create the perfect garden oasis in your backyard!  Westchester County’s professional arborists, Westchester Tree Life are sharing 4 fragrant flowers to add to your garden this year.  Once the breeze carries the sweet scent from your garden, you’re going to want to share your favorite fragrant flowers with your friends!


Dianthus Westchester Tree Life

Westchester Tree Life Westchester County New York

If you’re a gardening aficionado, you have definitely seen (or smelled) a bouquet of Dianthus!  Dianthus grow pink, white or red and give off a spicy-sweet fragrance.  Taller types of Dianthus are perfect for cutting, and include both annual and perennial types.


Gardenia Westchester Tree Life

Gardenia Westchester County New York

Both beautiful and fragrant, Gardenias are a lovely addition to your Westchester County garden!  Gardenias are a beautiful shrub which Westchester Tree Life can assist you in caring for with a Plant Health Care Management Plan!

Oriental Lily

Westchester County Garden Care

Oriental Lily Westchester Tree Life

Oriental Lilies bloom mid-to-late summer and are eye-catching and beautiful.  These sweet smelling flowers bloom in shades of pink, yellow and white.  These will definitely be the talk of your garden!

Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley Westchester County New York

Lawn Care Westchester County New York

Perfect for a beginner, Lily of the Valley requires little care and makes for a wonderfully fragrant groundcover!  Lily of the Valley works beautifully as a potted plant as well.