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Anti-Desiccant Spray

Westchester county arborists Westchester Tree Life want to ensure your trees are healthy throughout the upcoming winter.  Protect your broadleaf evergreens from winter desiccation with anti-desiccant spray!

About Desiccation or Winter Burn


Winter desiccation, also known as “winter burn” is a common plant injury which occurs once the amount of water lost by the foliage has exceeded the amount absorbed by the roots.

Symptoms of Winter Desiccation


Symptoms of winter desiccation include the browning and discoloration of leaves, as well as leaf spots.  These visible signs of damage are linked directly to harsh environmental conditions.  If the damage from winter desiccation is extensive, the tree or shrub’s leaves will drop.

Protect Your Broadleaf Evergreens with Anti-Desiccant Spray


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The solution to ensuring the health of your beautiful broadleaf evergreens is anti-desiccant spray!  Westchester Tree Life’s professionally trained arborists can apply anti-desiccant spray to your broadleaf evergreens, trees and shrubs before the cold weather strikes.  Anti-desiccant spray is the perfect way to maintain the moisture-level of your broadleaf evergreens throughout dry, brisk weather.

anti desiccant spray westchester

Contact Westchester Tree Life today to schedule your anti-desiccant spraying!  Ask about our plant health care program and how it can help you.  Request a consultation online here or call Westchester county’s leading arborists, Westchester Tree Life at (914) 238-0069.

Late Summer Shrubs

Summer is almost over, but some beautiful shrubs still have yet to bloom!  Keep an eye out for these late summer shrubs around Westchester county and add your favorites to your garden in Westchester!  Here are our favorite late summer shrubs to admire and integrate into your landscape.

Candy Oh! Rose Bush

Candy Oh Rose Bush Westchester Tree

This colorful rose bush blooms from May until October (depending on temperatures).  While the Candy Oh! Rose Bush begins blooming at the end of May, it continues to bloom throughout the summer, adding a continuous pop of color to your yard.

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush Westchester Tree Life

Welcome butterflies into your yard with the Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush!  The Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush thrives in environments with well-drained soil in full sun with medium moisture.

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon Westchester Tree Life

Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon Westchester Tree

The Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon can reach up to 12 feet tall, producing large, soft pink flowers 3-inches in diameter.  Requiring regular watering and feeding to encourage growth, the Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon requires minimal pruning and is partial to full sunlight and moist, rich soil.  The Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon is also not very susceptible to pests.

Bluebeard Shrubs

Bluebeard Shrubs Westchester Tree Life

Bluebeard Shrubs Westchester Tree Life 2

The rare blue late-season flowers of the Bluebeard shrub grow into a compact, flattering shape.  Wispy bunches of flowers develop along the stems from midsummer to early autumn.

Blooming Shrubs

Add instant romanticism to your property with fresh blooming shrubs!  These beautiful flowering shrubs will give your Westchester home a pop of beauty and color.  If you need help with shrub care in New York, Westchester Tree Life is here to help!

Forsythia Westchester Tree Life

The bright yellow Forsythia makes for a beautiful addition to any garden or landscape.
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Shrub Care in New York

Westchester Tree Life’s professional team of arborists are here to assist you in plant health care management to ensure that your blooming shrubs maintain their health and beauty all season long!  Westchester Tree Life’s shrub care experts can answer any questions you may have regarding soil, size, watering, and sun exposure.  Read about plant health care management, and view our full service list here.  To request a consultation, fill out our online form here.

The Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel Westchester Tree Life

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Adorn your garden with the Mountain Laurel’s pink, white or red blooms!  This beautiful shrub thrives in sun or shade, with moist or well-drained soil.  While the Mountain Laurel is beautiful, some parts of this plants are poisonous, which is something to keep in mind if you have small children.

Do you need help determining if your soil is the proper pH for planting a particular shrub?  Call Westchester Tree Life at (914) 238-0069 for shrub care in New York and Westchester County.

Bridalwreath Spiraea

Bridalwreath Spiraea Westchester Tree Life

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 If your Westchester home tends to have dry soil, perhaps the Bridalwreath Spiraea is for you!  Clusters of white flowers bloom mid to late spring and the leaves turn a beautiful color during fall time.  Planting a Bridalwreath Spiraea in your yard will add instant whimsy.


Heath Westchester Tree Life

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Ideal for rock gardens and other areas with well-drained and acidic soil, Heath, also known as Heather, adds a bright pop of color.  This tiny shrub blooms anytime from late winter to early spring; flowers can be pink, white or red.  Heather can grow up to ten inches tall and two feet wide.

To request a free consultation from Westchester County’s Westchester Tree Life, fill out our online form here.