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Trees and Property Value

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a property with mature trees can command a higher property value than that same property without the trees.  People simply prefer property with trees, and for good reason.  Trees provide a lot of benefits to property, so its no wonder prospective home buyers are drawn to homes whose yards are sheltered by beautiful trees.

Trees and Property Value 1Mature trees are great at reducing heating and cooling costs.  A home with trees that provide shade in summer or a wind break in winter will be less costly to cool and heat.  Savings like this add up over the years, making trees a desirable part of the landscaping.

Trees and Property Value 3A home with well placed mature trees is also afforded a higher level of privacy than a home with an open, bare yard.  Trees not only give your yard more privacy, but they create a more pleasant view from the windows.  A home with a private yard will naturally command more value than one that is on view to anyone passing by.

Trees and Property Value 2From an aesthetic point of a view, a property with trees is simply prettier.  Homes with mature trees in the yard tend to sell faster and for a better price than similar homes without trees.  Trees increase curb appeal and make your home more attractive.

Trees and Property Value 4If you currently have a rather bare yard and are thinking of planting trees to increase your property value, it’s important to know what you’re doing.  Planting the wrong tree in the wrong place can cause problems down the road.  Different types of trees need different soil conditions and grow to different heights.  You need to know how a tree’s root system grows before you plant in order to avoid damage to driveways and sidewalks.  It’s also a good idea to seek the advice of a professional if your goal is to increase privacy or decrease heating and cooling costs.  Before you invest in trees, consult with Westchester Tree Life to make sure you choose the right trees and the correct placement for your property.

Planting a Tree

There are a few things to consider before you begin the process of planting a tree.  Trees are aesthetically-pleasing additions to the exterior of your home of business, and can give your property value a little boost.  To properly plant a tree, we recommend you consider the following things:

1)  What are your goals?

Maple Tree Goldfinch Westchester Tree Life

Photo credit: Sharon Sauriol
The maple tree is a favorite perch of the goldfinch.

Are you planting your new tree to gain privacy without blocking yourself off from neighbors with a fence?  Are you introducing a new tree onto your property because you are interested in attracting certain birds or looking to create a sound barrier?  Before you begin mapping out all of the fun details of planting a tree, we recommend you consider your goals.  Acknowledging your goals will make choosing a location and a tree-type easier, and ultimately make your project more successful.

2)  Location is key!

Planting a Tree Westchester Tree Life

Though location seems like an obvious factor, we urge you to think deeper, more to the root of the problem, if you will.  Tree roots need adequate amounts of space to grow and develop, so try to choose a location with ample room for your tree to flourish.  Avoid planting a tree underneath or around powerlines and telephone lines; placing a tree too close to a building will also cause future issues for both the tree growth and possibly the building and its patrons.

NOTE:  We advise contacting your utility company to mark the location of any underground lines which may come in contact with your newly planted tree.  You may be held accountable for any damage done to such lines.

3)  Follow proper planting procedure.

Tree Sprout Westchester Tree Life

Image courtesy gardening.ktsa.com

We understand, planting a new tree is exciting!  Though the idea of just digging a hole and setting your new tree up for success is enticing, following proper planting procedure for your tree is the best bet.  Take weather conditions into consideration; trees are best planted during times of low wind, cloudy, and slightly cool but not humid.  If you are unsure of the proper temperament by which your tree should be planted, ask an arborist at Westchester Tree Life to assist you!  We would be happy to help you plant your new tree and set it up for success!