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Fall Tree Care

The needs of your trees change with the seasons, and fall tree care is no exception.  Altering your landscaping regiment to prepare for the upcoming winter weather not only helps to ensure the health of your tree, but the prevention of property damage and danger.

Tree Westchester Tree Life New York Tree Care

A healthy tree branch vs. a weak tree branch.

A certified arborist should assess your trees for weak branches which may break due to the pressure of snow and ice.  Your certified arborist will then explain which branches need to be pruned for safety and overall tree-health.

Bark Inclusions Weak Branch WTL New York

Bark inclusions in the branch union indicates a weak point.
Image Courtesy of hort.ufl.edu

Fall Tree Care New York Westchester Tree Life

New England’s renowned autumn foliage is beautiful!

If needed, a certified arborist can lighten the weight of branches which are weak and too heavy, or pose a possible threat to your property.  Reducing the length of a branch will reduce the weight, lessening the pressure, therefore securing your tree.