Boxwood Blight: What you need to know

Have you noticed something a little odd about how your Boxwood shrubs have been looking lately? They may be experiencing a condition that has become known as “Boxwood Blight.” This infection begins in mid to late summer with circular dark spots appearing on the newest growth. As the days go on, these spots will continue to grow and a form a ring-like pattern. It forms a lesion that eventually will engulf and kill the leaf causing it to drop to the ground. You may also see black streaks on the nearby twigs. You may also notice white fungal formations mainly under the leaves as well as on infected parts of the stems.



Unfortunately, when this popular landscape plant becomes infected with Boxwood Blight, the disease spreads rapidly to other Boxwoods and destroys them within a few weeks. The disease is so contagious it can even be spread by seemingly harmless activities such as gardening or your dog running through the bushes! The spores attach to clothes, shoes, tools, or an animal’s fur so it is best to reduce this type of contact. Another factor may be watering practices, such as sprinklers, because wet and humid conditions are also known to facilitate its spread as well.

So what can you do? There is currently no cure but there are several treatment options. Mulching, removing the infected plants, and some fungicides have shown varying levels of success in preventing the spread of the disease. However, the best thing to do is contact us at Westchester Tree Life, Inc. and we will have one of our certified arborists come and assess your current situation. Visit us at or call at 914-238-0069!

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