3 Gorgeous Trees for Privacy

Summer has finally arrived and it’s nice to step outside into our backyards and enjoy the fresh air. Our privacy is always an important topic so let’s look at some ways to gain the privacy you long for without installing unwanted fences. Besides, fencing can be too short to achieve the private feel and they can be quite expensive! Also, fences have an expensive up keep and usually run into situations where repairs are needed. Have you considered what a “natural border” can do for your property?

Planting trees as a privacy border has many benefits. It is also quite obvious that a fence doesn’t provide the same peaceful aesthetic as trees. Planting trees for privacy will help block noise, clean the air, and provide privacy for decades.  Also, watch your property value rise up as well!!  Once you’ve figured out the best layout for your privacy trees, it’s time to look at what trees will best suit your property. Certified tree experts recommend certain species of trees or shrubbery over others to create the perfect “privacy screen”. Let’s take a look at some of your options:


Emerald Green Arborvitae

Emerald Arborvitae is a brilliant choice due to its vibrant green foliage all year round. They are a selection of White Cedar and prosper in urban settings.  They even do well in clay soil and are very fast growing.

The Emerald Arborvitae makes the perfect natural border offering extensive privacy.  They are very space conscientious as well as they typically grow to 3-4’ wide which is great because they won’t take over your yard. Their coloring is unique compared to other Arborativae so this addition to your landscape design will be visually pleasing as well.  Tree experts have also noted that they typically retain their bold green color year round better than most trees of its kind. These gorgeous trees make a beautiful backdrop to a perennial garden while providing your family with the privacy that you are looking for. 


The Leyland Cypress

If you are looking for one of the fastest growing privacy trees then the Leyland Cypress is for you. It can grow 3-4ft per year and can surpass 50ft in 15 yrs. Its upright growth produces very soft foliage of mid hue greens. They can thrive in most soil conditions and even survive drought.  The Leyland Cypress remains attractive year round which is always a plus when picking out your trees.  Once planted, these trees will spring up into a beautiful solid privacy wall before you know it! 

The Spartan Juniper

If your are looking for more of a hardy evergreen then turn to the Spartan Juniper.  They will survive in most conditions and even thrive in times of drought. Even when left to grow naturally the Spartan Juniper grows into a visually pleasing shape. However you can easily clip them into hedges or trim them into columns. These trees can also thrive is decorative pots so they can accent your pool area or be used purely as decorative additions to your yard.  The Spartan Juniper is highly resistant to pests and common tree diseases which make them an extremely low-maintenance evergreen!

Be sure to contact Westchester Tree Life when making these decisions. A certified arborist is key to the success of your new landscape.  Take down the fences and plant some trees as they will quickly spring up into living walls. It’s time to get outside in the fresh summer air,and you deserve to enjoy it in privacy! Turn your yard into your own private sanctuary with a natural border and keep unwanted eyes out!

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