Ornamental Shrubs

Add privacy, fullness, or beauty to your Westchester home with ornamental shrubs!  Planting shrubs in your Westchester garden is a great way to add texture and fullness to your landscape.  New York shrub care experts, Westchester Tree Life offer plant health care management programs to keep your shrubs healthy all year long, so you can enjoy the beauty of ornamental shrubs without the stress.

Hide the Foundation

Shrub Care Westchester County New York Tree Care

This beautiful perimeter garden features a mix of flowers and shrubs, beautifully concealing the home’s foundation. via Pinterest

Ornamental shrubs are ideal for hiding the foundation of your house!  Adding the right shrubs can increase your property value and overall curb appeal of your home.

Rethink an Awkward Space

This outdoor design transforms an awkward corner into a beautiful garden.  Juniper, Euonymous, Knockout Rose and a Japanese Maple add color and fullness to this corner.

New York Shrub Care Westchester Tree Life

via Lowes.com

Edible Ornamental Shrubs

Blueberry Bushes Westchester New York Tree Care

Blueberry bushes line a white picket fence. via acountryfarmhouse.blogspot.com

Does your Westchester home already have a fragrant herb garden?  Consider adding edible ornamental shrubs such as blueberry, currant, gooseberry, rosemary, or American cranberry bush for some sweet pickin’s!

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