Protecting the Value of Your Landscape: A Checklist

Protecting the value of your landscape ensures the protection of your property value.  How can you protect your trees?  This simple checklist is a great tool to assist you in protecting your trees before or after any loss to your trees and landscape.

1.  Your landscape should be planned according to functional value as well as beauty.

Backyard Map Westchester Tree Life

Creating a map of your backyard is a great way to organize your landscape!

2.  Maintain the value of your tree(s) and landscape through protection and preservation.

3.  Track the progress of your tree’s health with photographs of your trees, plants, and shrubs at their peak of health.  This will provide a control for you to reference when you are unsure about the health of your trees, plants and shrubs.  Photographic documentation also expedites any insurance claims and/or deductions for losses and federal tax forms.


Take photographs of your trees and shrubs at their peak of health!

4.  Check your insurance, and know the amount your trees and/or shrubs are worth.  In most cases, the maximum amount your trees and/or shrubs are worth is $500.00.


5.  Be sure to keep clearly detailed records documenting your landscape and real estate appraisals on any losses which may occur.


Keep organized records!

6.  Consult your professionally certified arborist from Westchester Tree Life to maintain the health of your trees, plants and shrubs.  Westchester Tree Life’s arborists are here to assist you with a personalized Plant Health Care plan, tailored to fit the needs of your landscape.

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